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Fur Seal video

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King Penguins and Fur Seals - BBC Planet Earth

Between South Africa and the South Pole on Marion Island, returning king penguins bring food for their young. However, in order to reach them, they must brave repeated attacks from angry fur...

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Seal Pups: Ferociously Cute and Worth Protecting | Expedition Raw


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Baby Northern Fur Seal

No one is quite sure how a baby northern fur seal ended up in Sand Point, 200 miles from the nearest rookery in the Pribilof Islands, but caretakers at the Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward are...

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Brain Surgery Helps a Rescued Fur Seal | National Geographic

A northern fur seal named Ziggy Star has undergone groundbreaking medical treatment. ➡ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/NatGeoSubscribe Learn more about Ziggy's story here: http://bit.ly/2CDJaSU...

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Fur seal mating ritual

http://www.earth-touch.com/ It's peak breeding season for the Antarctic fur seals on the rocky & freezing shores of South Georgia (keep an eye out for a rare blonde seal!). We also take a look...

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Henry Wood Elliott: Defender of the Fur Seal

In the twenty years following the United States' acquisition of the Alaska territory (1867), revenues from the Pribilof Island fur seal harvest paid off the 7.2 million dollar purchase price....

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Fur seal in Dunedin

A sleep-deprived fur seal gave a concerned Dunedin woman more than she expected on Monday.

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Sound of Northern fur seal - Seebären brüllen

The northern fur seal (Callorhinus ursinus) is an eared seal found along the north Pacific Ocean, the Bering Sea, and the Sea of Okhotsk. It is the largest member of the fur seal subfamily...

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Amazing Fur-seal Underwater

Funny video of fur-seal underwater, seal underwater in Portland (Oregon Zoo). HD quality. Amazing underwater animals. Underwater life. Underwater camera. Underwater Zoo. Water animals.

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Australian Fur Seals - Scuba Diving, Underwater Video

Scuba diving Australian Fur Seals (Brown Fur Seals). Location: Drum and Drumstick, outside Jervis Bay, NSW Australia. Nice underwater swimming video. Footage video in full HD 1080p video....

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Fur Seals

Antarctic fur seals are found north of the pack-ice zone and breed in dense colonies on beaches in the Antarctic. Find out more about this marine mammal: https://www.bas.ac.uk/about/antarctica/wi...

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Baby Fur Seals

Visiting South Georgia in March means lots and lots of baby fur seals. Here's a brief clip of some of the cutest creatures on earth!

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King Penguin Harassed by Fur Seal Pups on S. Georgia

A lone King penguin, just out of the water with a very full belly, has to cross through a large Fur Seal colony to get to the King nesting area. This was shot at about 8:00 p.m. at Right...

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EXCLUSIVE: Fur Seals Are Back From the Brink on California Islands | National Geographic

A group of researchers is tracking the gradual return of northern fur seals to the Bay Area of California. The seals were once prized for their thick, warm fur, and they were hunted nearly...

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Seal Island Cape Fur Seals

Feb 12 Hout Bay, South Africa- a colony of fur seals lives off of the coast on a small island.

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Fur seal babies

Baby fur seals from the Falklands and South Georgia. Barry's trip with Cheeseman's December 2014 - January 2015.

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Northern Fur Seal: Feeling the Heat with Jeff Corwin

Jeff Corwin and Defenders of Wildlife hang out with the highly playful and charismatic fur seals at the New England Aquarium while Jeff details the repercussions of a warming ocean and the...

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Fur Seal Iha visits the reptile house

Melbourne Zoo Fur Seal Iha had a fun excursion to the reptile house recently. Her keepers take her to visit a variety of spots around the zoo to give her new experiences. This provides great...

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Sea Lion & Fur Seal - The Differences

The difference between sea lions & fur seals Extra information http://www.iucnredlist.org/search http://www.iucnredlist.org/search Video fur seals & sea lions together https://www.youtube.com/wa...

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What happens when a fur seal sees a dolphin? - Animals With Cameras: Episode 2 - BBC One

Programme website: http://bbc.in/2nQx2Fq On-board cameras reveal how Australian fur seals take advantage of the fish-herding behaviours of dolphins to get an easy meal.

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Fur Seal Training Session at the New England Aquarium

A full demo of fur seal training session at the New England Aquarium located in Boston, MA.

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Fur seal on busy Dunedin Road

A young male fur seal was spotted catching some rays along Portsmouth Dr by drivers and pedestrians.

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Fur Seal Iha takes herself to the vets

Iha is a female New Zealand Fur Seal that lives at Melbourne Zoo's Wild Sea. Her keepers noticed she was limping on her hind flipper and the vets wanted to do an X-ray. Positive reward training...

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Cape Fur Seals Dive Seal Rock False Bay Simon

Tony Isaacson of DiveCareDare dives with the fur seals at Seal Rock False Bay Simon's Town South Africa. Travel channel of amazing destinations, airlines and hotels presented by award-winning...

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Fur Seals

Fur seals from Falklands and South Georgia. Barry's Cheesman's trip Dec 2014-January 2015.

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Fur Seal Pup Vocal h264

On April 28th, Mystic Aquarium anxiously awaited the arrival of precious cargo from the bustling beaches of California. Two Northern fur seal pups arrived at their forever home in Mystic Aquarium....

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Antarctic fur seal sexualy harrasing king penguin

From: \

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Northern fur seal (Callorhinus ursinus)

For more amazing photographs, videos and factfiles view this species on ARKive: http://www.arkive.org/northern-fur-seal/callorhinus-ursinus/ Northern fur seal breeding colony and social interation...

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NZ Fur Seal

Watch this video from the Nelson/Marlborough region. Nic finds out about how the NZ fur seal is making a return from the brink of extinction. Meet the Locals is a partnership between DOC and...

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Antarctic fur seals at South Georgia island

Antarctic fur seals are commonly seen on Antarctica cruises that visit South Georgia. This footage was shot on the beach at Salisbury Plain, South Georgia, one of the world's most famous wildlife...

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Rescued Guadalupe Fur Seal Returned | SeaWorld San Diego

After 4 months of critical veterinary treatment by the SeaWorld San Diego Rescue Team, E.J. the Guadalupe fur seal is back in the ocean with a second chance at life. Watch her incredible rescue...

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Cute New Zealand fur seal pup

New Zealand fur seal pup at Ohau Point, Kaikoura NZ.

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Northern Fur Seal pup St Paul Island, AK 8 July 16


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Cape Fur Seal Colony - Cape Cross, Namibia

Cape Cross is home to one of the largest colonies of Cape Fur Seals (Brown Fur Seals) in the world and is located approximately 100 kilometres north of Swakopmund. In the year 6685 after...

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300kg Australian Fur Seal climbs on car in Tasmania Part Two

300kg Seal climbs on car in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia. Part Two.

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